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Easy, Transparent Procurement.

Freight owners: Manage, track, and report your end-to-end logistics operations from a single point.

Rational, efficient, user-centered, and high-tech supported end-to-end logistics solutions.


End-to-End Contracted Freight Process Management and Automation

End-to-End Spot Freight Process Management

Shipping Tracking & Management

Document Management

Hierarchical Flow and Approval System


Central Information Management

Real Time Pricing

Real Time Monitoring

Reporting and Performance Management

ERP Integration

Information Security and Backup

Pallet Pick Up

Pallet / Package Collection Process Management

Route Planning

Contracted Load Collection Automation

Spot Load Collection Management

Fully Integrated Document Management


Supplier Management

Supplier Network Optimization

Supplier Quality and Documentation Inspection

Contract Process Management

Supplier Performance Reporting

Asnak Supreme Services

• Customer Relationship Man. • Risk Management • Real-Time Problem Management • Performance Man.

• Firm Oriented Planning • Real Time Cost Optimization • Continuous Performance Increase

• Central Comm. Unit for All Stakeholders Involved in the Business Process • 24/7 Specially Defined Operations Consultant

Pallet Pick Up
Pallet Pick Up
Asnak Transfer Operation Mediator
Asnak Supreme Service
Asnak Service Provider Network
For these services and more, please contact us…

Why Asnak Technologies?

User-Friendly Interfaces, Cloud Technology Infrastructure, Transparent Logistics Processes from Procurement to Delivery, Cost-Effective "Digital Transformation" Opportunity in Logistics, Centralized Management for Domestic, International, and Global Transportation, and more...

You can manage road transportation from end to end.
You can manage air transportation from end to end.
You can manage rail & Intermodal transportation from end to end.

The leading companies of the sector trust Asnak!

Also, listen to Asnak from our business partners who send 10,000+ posts per month.

In this way, they work with the giants of the world...

Asnak offers a strong logistics service provider network thanks to ASPN, an up-to-date and active supplier pool.

Do not replace. 
Get Integrated!
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