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We offer innovative solutions that make business life easier for all stakeholders.

Asnak Logistics Technologies Inc. is a technology company that provides innovative solutions to simplify business operations for all stakeholders, whether they are cargo owners or logistics service providers.

Comprised of a young, innovative, and forward-thinking team, Asnak is led by a management team with a minimum of a quarter-century of experience in their respective fields.

From its inception, Asnak has served industry giants such as Socar, Lukoil, Petkim, Star Refinery, Simit Sarayı, Evyap, ZF, Golf Dondurma, Sütaş, and continues to expand its customer portfolio with valuable companies every day.

At its core, Asnak strives to simplify logistics processes and aims to enhance operational efficiency through innovative solutions. With its experienced team of consultants, Asnak offers solutions for cost reduction, standardization of workflows, and seamless execution of daily administrative tasks in all your logistics needs. Asnak consultants act as catalysts, seamlessly integrating into your logistics operations to ensure efficiency and prompt completion.



Our Vision

Our Vision: To become one of the world's top 5 logistics technology companies by providing rational, efficient, user-centric, and high-tech supported end-to-end logistics solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission: A less carbon footprint, a more sustainable world! In the logistics industry, our mission is to blend all global advancements with technology to create the most rational and effective solutions. We aim to increase industry efficiency while ensuring a significant reduction in carbon footprint, which is now an undeniable reality in the face of global warming. As a key player in the logistics sector, responsible for 24% of carbon emissions contributing to global warming, we strive to lead the way in driving significant change and making a positive impact.

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