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For Online Supply Management
Secure Middleware

The ideal infrastructure solution to both prevent security vulnerabilities in information exchange with suppliers and add new suppliers in the blink of an eye.


ATOM (Asnak Transfer Operations Mediator) is an innovative technology developed by Asnak. Atom in principleIt adds a middle layer to your company's data exchange operations with the outside world over the internet.

Your company makes a single data connection to the ATOM server, which serves on cloud technology, using a high-security encryption protocol. All data exchanges with the outside world are carried out between ATOM and the infrastructures of the suppliers. Thus, it is possible to exchange data with an unlimited number of new suppliers without causing any security gaps.

Many of our international customers manage the management, administration and follow-up of their contracted and permanent works by using the Logicure infrastructure together with ATOM. In this way, they have achieved a powerful solution for instant information consolidation and detailed reporting.


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