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Fast and Safe
New Supplier Integration

After today, it is possible to add a new supplier to your supplier pool in minutes without a single correspondence, phone call, meeting.


Asnak offers a strong logistics service provider network thanks to ASPN, an up-to-date and active supplier pool. This pool, where only those who comply with the strict Asnak standards are contractually contracted, are constantly being expanded by Asnak experts through regular studies.

It would be unfair to call ASPN just a pool of suppliers. Because companies that receive ASPN service also find the support of Asnak experts at the same time. Asnak experts interview the supplier on your behalf, collect all official documents, carry out financial and administrative audits, check the supplier references, confirm their compliance with the standards, and determine the high service conditions with the mutually signed contract.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
All member companies, which carry out their end-to-end logistics processes through Asnak platforms, have access to the up-to-date and wide supplier network in line with their own standards without any effort, with ASPN.
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Every vehicle and transport type

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Financially and Administratively supervised

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Local and International

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High Quality of Service

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