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Asnak Logistics Technologies Inc. It took its place in the sector in 2019 with the motto "Simplifying Logistics", focusing on digital solutions for the needs of the logistics industry. In the logistics processes of all companies that need domestic or international transportation, regardless of the sector; By reducing the purchasing processes that cause the most loss of resources (personnel, time, cost) such as research, pricing, communication, approval and documentation to just a few minutes, it aims to save up to 15% in total logistics costs for all member companies with its unique solution Open Reduction System. With its successful product, it has taken its place among the leading technology companies of the sector in a short time.

Asnak is growing day by day on the way to globalization, not only with its products and technologies, but also with the company culture and the value it shows to its employees.
Asnak culture was founded on 2 basic pillars; Innovation and Justice .


👂 Whatever the subject is, we listen first!

️🔎 We examine the subject 360 degrees!

🧠 We think! We never go on without thinking.

💪 We solve it!

👏 We apply!

🤯 We make mistakes! We are not afraid of making mistakes. However, we never let the same mistake become a routine.

🔭 We measure!

😎 We learn!


❇️ Asnak provides a fair environment for all its stakeholders, including its customers, shareholders and most importantly its employees.

️⚖️ In Asnak solutions, it presents a product model where all stakeholders are treated fairly.

🏆 Asnak is a company where the performances of its employees are comprehensively measured and communicated. High performance is rewarded, average performance is not tolerated.


Everyone who will be included in the Asnak family; It is evaluated for its professional skills and compliance with the company culture.
“Better with you, stronger Asnak with you!” We make our evaluations within the motto.
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